At Long Last, A Tenant

  The Monarchs are not only late, they are simply not here, apparently not there, and everyone who cares about them says they don’t seem to be anywhere. My patch of milkweed has gone through its bloom, fade, and is forming seed pods, all without the contented chewing of monarch caterpillars pruning its leaves. And…
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Darkness, Darkness

  “I wonder what they did in those days . . .” My husband was sprawled in a chair on our screen porch as the sun slid behind the trees, dimming our hopes of electricity before dark. It had stormed earlier—just an ordinary thunderstorm with heavy rain and wind— nothing to write home about, as…
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Migrators To Travel From Mexico To Canada (do They Need Special Visas?)

“Where are they?” I’m hearing it from Monarch butterfly enthusiasts as far south as Savage, MN, and as far north as St. Croix Falls, WI. The milkweed on which the Monarchs will lay their eggs is nearly knee-high in my yard, and “me” high in other places (I’m 4’11”, so it’s admittedly a low bar).…
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Dead Mouse Hunting Part II

My very first blog entry was about our hunt for a dead mouse. As I prepare for the blog to go through renovation, I submit “Dead Mouse Hunting, Part II”: I plead guilty only to having made a pork chop and sauerkraut dinner in the crockpot Monday. I was not aware that sauerkraut, by its…
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Fireworks And Fond Farewells

A random series of events put us in the middle of a small-town baseball field on the Fourth of July watching a fireworks display with hundreds of strangers. It started with the announcement that one of our favorite local rock bands, “Raging Wood” would be disbanding, their last performance to be the Fourth of July…
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