A Few More Favorite Things . . .

Reverb Broads Bloggers

December 2012

Prompt 5 – What is your all-time favorite work of art/film/musician/book and why? (Prompt by Dana)

This prompt makes me believe that my “thinking cap” is too tight and it itches; therefore, I might have to fly by the seat of my pants and choose the first thing that comes to mind.


Art: I love the impressionist paintings of Monet, the bright colors and light in the paintings of Leonid Afremov, but I have to say that my lifelong favorite art was created by Norman Rockwell. I love his stories of people caught in ordinary life, the serious, the whimsical, the funny. My favorite of his works, however, has no visible person in it, and yet I can say that he painted my mother beautifully. The work is called “Spring Flowers”, a depiction of a back porch in which a gardener has left the flowers she just cut, her work gloves, and her gardening shoes. Those sweet blue sneakers are clear evidence to me that he had been painting my mom when she suddenly had to dash into the house to answer a phone or the call of a child, leaving the artist and her lovely flowers behind. My mom loved to garden, but she never had much time to devote to it, nor a plot of land where she could see her efforts come back year after year. When we rented a house where she could have a garden, she whistled as she dug and planted, and we ate our fill of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, and green beans.


Film: “To Kill a Mockingbird”. I was too young to see it when it first came to the screen, but when I discovered it years later, I was captivated by the story, the characters, the choice of stark black and white, and the music. I love movies, and I’ve seen thousands, but “Mockingbird” stays with me like no other.

Musician: I admire people who are able to create music more than just about any other beings on the planet. Music is an odd combination of mathematics, timing, and sounds. I’m not good at math and my timing stinks. I have a nice voice, but I can be what they politely call “pitchy” on American Idol. I find it so amazing that there are people who can sit down to a piano and make recognizable music emit from it. I’m always surprised when someone picks up a guitar and makes the strings sing a song, and I am struck nearly dumb by the singer who can belt out a tune a cappella, on a second’s notice. My son, Ozzie, was able to do all of those things and more. I can’t even count the number of times I sat, awestruck, as he performed. So, I have to say that even with my love of the Beatles and Pink Floyd, my all-time favorite musician is my son.



Book: I read a lot; it’s hard to nail down a favorite. Off the top of my head, it is “Testimony of Two Men” by Taylor Caldwell. I’ve read it many times. The writing is excellent, of course, although I’ve heard from others who have read it that she describes some things, such as décor, in too much detail. In the case of this book, details about the variations in Victorian décor tell the reader much about the character who lives in those surroundings, so I’d have to say it serves a very useful purpose. The story winds and weaves through many lives and a fascinating time in history. I learned a lot reading the book, and was inspired to read more about some of the things I learned. It’s a long read, it can be a difficult read, but I believe that it is well worth it!