Dead Mouse Hunting Part II

My very first blog entry was about our hunt for a dead mouse. As I prepare for the blog to go through renovation, I submit “Dead Mouse Hunting, Part II”:

I plead guilty only to having made a pork chop and sauerkraut dinner in the crockpot Monday. I was not aware that sauerkraut, by its nature a very pungent food, gains more . . . uh . . . fragrant cooking for hours in a crockpot. By Monday evening, the whole house smelled like sauerkraut, with ground zero at the refrigerator, but the scent seemed capable of moving around the house.

Tuesday morning, Chris took the garbage out before work (ignoring his regular schedule) because “it stunk pretty bad.” I had a half of a pork chop with sauerkraut for lunch, and it seemed as if the microwave smelled of sauerkraut BEFORE I heated the dish.

Wednesday night, I rolled over in bed and thought “damn, we’ve GOT to eat the rest of that sauerkraut; it’s taking over the house!” At lunchtime, however, I couldn’t work up an appetite for it, so I ate a salad out on the porch.

Thursday night, we discussed the sauerkraut smell. “Has it ever been this bad before?” “No. It’s the last time I put it in the crockpot, that’s for sure.” By this time, there was no safe place in the house where our senses weren’t being assailed by SAUERKRAUT BY GOD! and we started to suspect another source of the effluvium.

Friday afternoon, Chris thought to check the mousetrap under the kitchen sink, instantly gaining hero status when he discovered that it had done its job. Yup. Dead mouse. Real dead mouse. Real bad smell. Just to be on the safe side, we sent the sauerkraut away, too.