I live in beautiful Star Prairie, Wisconsin, on the Apple River. I enjoy writing, reading, quilting, knitting, fishing . . . in other words, my time is always occupied (just as the good sisters taught me in grade school). I love my husband and my grown son, my grand-dog and cat, and two cats who are a recent addition to our family. I   volunteer at Butterfly House, a sober living facility for women in St. Croix Falls (I can’t seem to tear myself away from river towns!), and Moms and Dads Against Meth, for which I also write a quarterly newsletter, The Ice Breaker. Appropos of Nothing fits my agenda of writing about whatever pops into my head. . . Lord, how I hope it’s entertaining!

A sad addendum is that we lost our beloved son, Jason (Ozzie) in November 2011, in a car accident. Reading my blog, you’ll see that most, if not all, of the posts since  November are about Ozzie and our journey through grief.